Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What would you do?

It's tough to say what you would do in a given situation, cause it's a "what if". But what would you do if you were at a self checkout and found $20 in the cash dispenser when you started scanning your items?

I mean it could belong to anybody right? How would Walmart be able to track down whose it really was? What if giving it to the cashier over the 6 different self checkout registers just meant that the cashier would pocket it?

Is this a tough decision? What would you do? Comments appreciated.


Gords said...

Yoda was wise to say "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." I can let my bone headed mistake of leaving the money in the register eat at me, or picture a poor person using it to by a few more boxes of cereal and loaves of bread for his family.

I've let go of the money and hope that it actually was an answer to a prayer for someone. The force continues to flow....

Bhatch said...

That would suck to loose your money at the self checkout! If I found the money at the self checkout, I would most definitely take it to the employee and say where I found it and that I hope the person who forgot to take it comes back soon. It would eat at me that I forgot money there and then find out no one turned it in.
And I hate the feeling of guilt, and if I rationalized myself into taking it, I would feel sooo guilty later. 20 bucks isn't worth it--a couple coins in change is another story. : )

Sarah said...

Give it to the cashier. They could pull the receipt of the customer before you, or at least hang onto it if anyone came back.