Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Don't get me wrong Apocalyptica is great! I love the band, their music and their style. But tonight's concert was less than thrilling. Their spring concert on the other hand was overwhelmingly awesome. I asked myself why and have come up with the following reasons:

1) More violent music selection. They only played two songs that were mellow enough for me to really enjoy: Bittersweet and I Don't Care. "Eric" (Eicca Toppinen) prefaced the Bittersweet song mentioning that last time they came there were alot of ugly men in the crowd and dedicated the song to the pretty girls in the crowd. Whoah there Eric. Take a look at your drummer and don't tell me you think that guy isn't ugly.

They played "Betrayal", but not the followup part which is so much better: "Forgiveness"! Why didn't they play some of the old mellower songs like "Farewell", or "Faraway". A couple examples of songs they played which contributed to the violent atmosphere was "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Fight Fire with Fire" Since the song selections were consistently headbanging stuff, it leads to the next main problem with the concert.

2)Retarded Mosh losers. There was a little bit of moshing going on at the spring concert, but nothing major. This time it was much worse. When people mosh it should be with a group that wants to do it. When they push people that clearly are trying to protect themselves or their loved ones, its out of control. Which leads to my final negative point for the night.

3)In the Venue security. They reminded me more of prairie dogs, rather than badgers who weren't gonna take any crap. They were pansies and I saw them only take one guy out of a half dozen who was out of control, only to let him back in to continue his moshing 10 minutes later. What a joke of a venue. This is the last time I'm going "in the venue".

But I don't want to be all negative. Just like last time I enjoyed the way Antero conducted himself. Mr. Business. Playing the music, being professional. Laughed at how he pushed Perttu away at the end when he tried hugging him all sweaty. Why doesn't Perttu ever wear a shirt? I don't know which is worse, being fat without a shirt, or being bony without a shirt.

I guess I'm getting old and enjoy the more sober music Apocalyptica plays, which wasn't played much at all tonight unfortunately.

I'm sad that I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to this concert.

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Tiffany said...

This blog is showing me a whole different side of you that I didn't know (guess these things just didn't come up in home teaching--go figure)! It's fun getting to know this "side" of you too! We like all your "sides" and love your cute family!