Saturday, October 4, 2008

Austin's First Priesthood Conference

I challenged Austin to take notes. If he gave me at least one paragraph per speaker and one page total we would go for ice cream afterwards. Here is what he wrote:

Richard G. Scott - Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a priesthood holder. To be careful in these latter days, and watch our moral values.

Jay E. Jensen - We must be like Jesus, and have mercy. We can always have Jesus' spirit. We need to dress appropriately at church. We can be forgiven.

James J. Hamila - Satan was cast out of heaven, and came to earth with a vengeance to cause other misery. Now he is trying harder than ever to bring us to his lowly state, we have to resist him and endure to the end. We need to be sober. Satan is using his alcohol, tobacco, smoking, bad language and pornography and by other means to lead us away. If we try our best and live righteously, we will live with him again. If we do fall astray we need to repent and perhaps seek help.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf - We can't help where we are, but we can try our best. We must accept our callings and doing our best is what we need to do on any calling. neither should we shirk from being asked to say a prayer. We should be happy that we get the opportunity. We need to not give up and we should do our calling. No matter what the excuse. Every calling is the same in the eyes of God. We should act like we are a bishop and take our callings seriously. If you are overwhelmed with your calling remember that the Lord thinks you can do it.

Henry B. Eyring - Our callings are hard but we must not give up. We need to do our best when the going gets tough. The Lord sent us to Earth to be tested. We need to have faith.

Thomas S. Monson - Our main responsibility is our family. We should share the gospel. We can make a difference. Three things we need to do:
  1. Learn that we should learn

  2. Do what we should do

  3. Be what we should be

We must not neglect our callings. We should consider our callings as a messenger of the Lord. Even a prophet can lose his faith. Attitude is everything. When you have troubles, pray. We can be an example we can get answers through prayer. The Lord dedicated his life to saving this proud people but in our blindness we killed for trying to save us. The Lord will not lead us away now. We can trust him with our lives. That is why he is the king of the world. I will serve him.

Austin commented afterwards that the meeting went fast and that he was able to enjoy the meeting by taking notes. He was able to pay attention and not just day dream the whole time like he does during conference. I was proud of him and not hesitant to take him to Baskin Robbins for a double scoop cone.

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Bhatch said...

Austin is da' MAN!!!
It was very nice to spend a few days w/ him up at Park City. He is so much like Cathi--happy and is outgoing. He was totally okay going by himself to activities at the resort for the older kids.
I sure wish I could see him and your kids more often.