Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dust mite poo is removed

A couple weeks ago we got a new LG front loading washing machine which has been awesome. Our old one died and the repair guy said it would cost $250 to fix. So we just bought a new washing machine which claims to only cost $10/yr to run. It generates its own electricity to help power it and uses much less water.

Anyhow, with the problem a couple weeks ago not being able to breathe (which honestly was persisting for several months) we washed EVERYTHING in our bedroom. I dusted everything using dust spray and a rag which had to be shaken outside several times. Washed the sheets (which we do probably every month anyway, but need to do every week from now on), all the pillow cases, got new pillows, washed the blankets, vacuumed the mattress really good, got a new mattress cover, etc... It took a couple of days, but within two days my right nostril was at 100% which it never was since March of 2007.

So if you are having nasal problems at night, don't buy those stupid nose strips to open your nose up wide. Just do some deep cleaning and replace covers on things. Sleep so much better now!

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