Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

This year I was a deadbeat and didn't dress up. Usually I get an idea in the fall and I go with it, this year I drew a blank. However I did get see some cool pumpkin carvings from an email from Grandma Richins so I did one.Pumpkin on our porch eating a little guy.

The kids had fun. Jonas went all the way around the block by himself while we were getting the others ready and we didn't notice until we were ready with the others. I drove around the block and found him and honked. He looked up smiled real big and waved at me. When he saw my face he quit smiling and frowned and put his head down like he was sad. He knew he was in big trouble. I chastised the boy and gave him a lesson on using the buddy system.

Then we went out. Austin and Jacob ran off like hooligans Austin Witch, Jacob Ugly Girland I took Lucy, Jonas and Isaac out. We did the entire two blocks north of us. By that time Isaac was tired and dropped out. Lucy and Jonas wanted more, so I took them out and did two blocks south. They all ended up with huge amounts of candy and a great time. Jonas - Buzz Lightyear, Isaac - Dinosaur, Lucy - Gypsy

Sam stayed home with mom (although he did dress up as a green monster earlier in the day for a parade which Mom forgot to get a picture of) and has been stealing candy from his brothers, but when chocolate oozes from his stuffed mouth while he is smiling its hard for him to get in too big of trouble.
Sam getting looks from Isaac when he dips into the candy pool.

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