Monday, November 19, 2007

Utah Open results for Gridleys

Austin and I played doubles against Carol and Byron Davis. Our goal was to get at least five points on at least one of the 3 games that we would play (assuming that we would lose three). We got 7 on the first game, 5 on the second and barely lost a deuce match on the last one. We were pleased. We almost won that last match. It was exciting.

We then played Helen and Gaav. That wasn't as pretty. Helen had a nasty serve which Austin had a hard time returning and those matches weren't as fun.

On singles Austin and Jacob both played in the C Division. Jacob didn't win a single match, but he was dancing around like he didn't care much and still tried, but had fun at the same time. Austin beat Jason and a few other people in his bracket and ended up taking third in his bracket just missing the cutoff for advancing to finals.

I was in a bracket with: Carol Davis, Sami Kergaye, Chris Collins, Jilin Guo and Scott (forgot his last name). I beat Scott 3-1, Chris 3-2, Carol 3-0, and lost to Sami 1-3 and surprisingly to Jilin 1-3. Because of that loss to Jilin (who was beaten by Chris and Carol), and because Chris only lost to me and beat Sami, I was like Austin just barely passed by on the cutoff. Sami and Chris advanced and I got to go home. I was disappointed.

I wish I hadn't signed up for the US National Tournament in December. My game isn't advancing the way I'd like it to. However for Austin's sake we'll keep going with it. But as for my lunch breaks. I'm going to go back to lifting. I'm done getting frustrated and worked up over table tennis. Maybe if I give it a break (at least at work) I can get build up my mental toughness as well as get stronger physically.

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