Monday, November 19, 2007

Gridley Mission Statement

In our last Stake Conference and Ward Conference, President Brant stressed three things:
  1. A family mission statement
  2. Improved Temple attendance
  3. Daily personal scripture study

I liked the family mission statement. We decided to go with the traditional Gridley motto which is in French: "Devant Si Je Pois" which loosely translated means "Ahead if I can". We changed its meaning from that to "Keep moving forward". This last week I made a replica of the Gridley Coat of arms and put it up on the wall and underneath it our family's Mission statement.

We sat the kids down and asked each one of them to come up with one attribute they thought was important to have. They each came up with one which we have noted and put some details of what each quality should mean in our lives. Here is a copy of the mission statement.

If you're curious about who came up with what:

Dad - Assertive
Mom - Service to Others
Austin - Flexibility
Jacob - Truthful
Lucy - Valiant in the Gospel
Jonas - Integrity
Isaac - Fun-Loving
Sam - Seek Learning (via Mom)
Oliver - Self Mastery (via Dad)

The kids didn't come up with the exact wording, but the concept they tried to express is the same.

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