Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Interesting read this evening

I need to change my home page when I open Internet Explorer. I recently installed IE 7 and the default home page takes me to There was a picture of a black NFL player claiming that a "Black KKK" had taken another victim.

What? Black KKK? What the heck is that? My curiosity was spiked. I clicked on the image which took me to Jason Whitlock's article. Instead of reading the typical blame-the-white-folk article, Whitlock (who as you can see is also black) calls for African Americans to look in the mirror and realize that it isn't white people that statistically the ones pulling the trigger against black men.

That isn't to say that racism is extinct. But like Whitlock points out in his article, there is alot of poison that the black community is feeding itself. It was very refreshing that Whitlock is asking for more accountability. I also read alot of comments from others and there are quite a few people who also agree from the black community. Sure there are those that are in denial, but it is great to read the comments of many who have opened their eyes.

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