Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hilary Clinton shooting herself in the foot

I must admit that was very much considering voting for Hilary Clinton if Mitt Romney doesn't win the Republican nomination. Before you send me hate mail, or leave nasty comments keep reading! In the past when I saw her speak she seemed sincerely concerned about the American public who have to struggle. Also she has alot of experience in politics (compared to the two front running Republicans).

Well this morning on the way to work I was listening to NPR. I heard a report done by an apparently non-partisan reporter. What made me mad was that Hilary visited this small diner and the waitress was a struggling single mom. Hilary even mentioned her in one of her speeches. But when the reporter went back and tracked her down to discuss her experience with Hilary it appears that the waitress was stiffed. That really made me angry. Why would she not leave a tip (even if the service was bad which I doubt with her being such a celebrity) especially when she must have apparently had a conversation to get to know the waitress' situation.

The problem with being a candidate is that people rarely vote for you because of the right reason. Well, my consideration of Hilary has been lost over a really stupid reason. But this experience shows the true colors of the person. I've never stiffed anybody and I've had some really crappy service. I just don't get it. I honestly was disappointed that she couldn't be smarter. Did she think the waitress would be impressed with being stiffed?

If you want to read or hear the report I heard click here and hit the "listen now" link at the top to hear the full thing. It really is worth a listen to understand the situation. I saw the editor's note at the top. Hilary's cronies responded saying they left $257 that day at the diner: $157 for the meals and $100 in tips. They said they gave the money to the manager. Well if that's the case, then why did the waitress think she was stiffed? Did the manager not share the tip? Something doesn't smell right. Hilary should have been smarter especially with all the cameras and left a tip right there on the table for the waitress who served her. Very disappointed.

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